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Awesome flying Piper returns to assigning a role. A young woman brought to an unimaginable desperate desire to have a child Simon Stones radical production of Lorca’s masterpiece of effective pain. The phenomenon of the theater can not be missed in Young Vic and called its refusal, and weWe’ll be stunning, Burning, # 39; Pipers their performance has been described as beautiful, amazing and scary # 39; Located in modern London, the piper’s impressions of the thirties operation desperately want to become pregnant, created with power elements stunning,Menopause anxiety. Please note that this distance is being broadcast.

The story is told before, But not like this. Parliament adopted the desert. The roots of the desert in the hunger strike. A mysterious woman of dance will change the course of the world. This is a retelling of the biblical fee for the shameful turns onHis head, the girl we call Salom in the center of the revolution.

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