New MailOnLine Android Application Released

ic_launcherToday we released the new version of MailOnLine Android application that completely replaces the previous one. From a technical point of view this is the result of the application of many Android Development Patterns related to several aspects of a mobile application that needs to manage a huge quantity of data and in particular texts and images. For that reason we have taken care of:

  • Memory management. The huge quantity of data needed a perfect memory management in order to prevent the classical OutOfMemoryError
  • Asynchronous synchronisation of data. All the information are synchronised using the Android SyncAdapter and an our implementation of the Command Pattern based on optimized Android Services and queues. Here we had the chance to apply some of the main Concurrent Patterns.
  • Optimised persistence and Parsing. MailOnLine releases an article every 8 minutes and for that reason we needed a way to access, parse and persist a huge quantity of information in the best way possible. Algo a very good obsolete files deletion policy is in place.
  • UI Optimisation. When the data are available we needed a way to present them in the most responsive way possible. We used for that the main UI Patterns and optimisation tools available for Android

Furthermore, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. A newspaper application has not only to deal with text and images but need to manage many aspects about ADs and Tracking that get things even more complicated. For that reason we’re proud about this first version of our MailOnLine application that we’ll continue to improve.


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